The winner of R$5000 with Super Bowl LIV

The เครดิตฟรี ทําเทิร์นโอเวอร์ most watched game on the planet, Super Bowl LIV, reached a conclusion on February 2, 2020 and saw its champ: Kansas City Bosses. The group won the Public Football Association again following 50 years, in a noteworthy game against the San Francisco 49ers, with the score of 31-20, at Sun Life Arena, Miami Nurseries (Florida/USA).

bodog prize bet super bowl last
What’s more, to commend this intriguing second and, to finish it off, make a client exceptionally blissful, Bodog pooled R$ 5,000 (USD 1,500) on Super Bowl LIV Sunday itself. To partake, all you needed to do was wagered on the last of the opposition on the Bodog site and you were at that point in the running! For each BRL 100 (USD 25), the client got an opportunity to win, with no restriction on how much wagers.

Who was the victor?
bodog prize bet
The advancement was a triumph and many individuals were expecting to have the option to bring that additional cash back home, however just a single fortunate individual from Belo Horizonte did: Thiago C. That is the thing we call a genuine score, huh? Comic Rudy Landucci recorded the whole draw interaction, and you can look at the video on the Bodog Brasil channel on YouTube.

Super Bowl 2020
This was the 54th version of the Super Bowl – the 50th, assuming we are just thinking about those held in the cutting edge period of the NFL – and had a unique expansion: it was the last game that uncovered the extraordinary hero of the 100th season throughout the entire existence of the association.

As happens consistently, prestigious specialists are welcome to perform upon the arrival of the occasion, making a tremendous exhibition for the crowd present as well as for every one of the large numbers of watchers who pursue the game all over the planet. Furthermore, to satisfy this achievement, the current year’s halftime show was featured by Latin artists Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.






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